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Frequently Asked Questions

What companies are included in the Index?

Companies must be in the Wilshire 5000 Total Market Index℠. Tenet Partners provides its BrandPower scores on June 30 of the current and prior year. The Index is fixed to the top 50 companies according to their BrandPower Score and the Index Ranking methodology.

What is the BrandPower Score?

Tenet Partners surveys approximately 10,000 individuals across the United States representing the investment community, potential business partners, business customers, everyday consumers, and potential consumers regarding company brands and develops a Familiarity score and Favorability score of 0 to 100 for each company. Familiarity measures the general awareness of the brand, i.e. do people generally know more than the name of the company. Favorability is about the perception of the brand across three attributes: overall reputation, view of management, and investment potential. These metrics are combined to create a Brand Composite score, BrandPower, that is reported on a 100-point scale. Companies with a score of less than 50 are eliminated from possible inclusion in the Index.

How does the Index eliminate companies to reach the Top 50?

The 12-month change in the BrandPower scores are standardized to the 12-month change in the Market Capitalization on June 30 of each year. The 50 companies with the largest Brand to Market Capitalization change ratios are selected to the Index.

How are the stocks in the Index weighted?

The 50 companies selected for the Index constituents are equally weighted.

What is the purpose of the Wilshire Index Oversight Committee?

This Committee weighs the integrity of the Index against the interests of investors in products linked to the Index. The Committee may remove the company from the Index at its discretion if it has determined a company to be in extreme financial distress.

How often is the Index reset or balanced?

The Index is rebalanced annually as of the last day business day of August by Wilshire.


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