Know when to invest in Brands you know.

Striving to invest in well-known brands when they are undervalued - so your money grows with them.

Brand is continually relevant

Against a backdrop of shifting macro-economic situations, geopolitical shifts and the rise of Millennials and much more - the BTW50 provides a consistent benchmark to understand how brand impacts the financial performance of companies. Marketers are keenly aware of these shifts and are among the first to measure and respond to the impact.

Role of Brand image on stock performance

Brand image and the stock price realized by corporate brand equity is an excellent indicator of health and vitality of a corporate Brand. Our index strives to consistently quantify the impact of Brand image on stock price.

What is measured?

All communications and consumer experiences contribute to brand value. i.e. advertising, customer experience, social media, packaging, signage, corporate identity, PR and much more.

What do marketers know that investors miss?

Marketing leaders have been tracking the impact of brand and marketing activities for decades. Firms like Tenet have helped enterprises aggregate internal analytics and external research to measure competitive success.

Expenditure drives Brand image

Marketers have always known that expenditure has a direct impact on brand image and image has a direct impact on stock price. The higher the expenditure, generally the better the reputation. Earnings growth and stock performance rise and fall with image strength.

You know Brands!

Brands live in your imagination. Take a moment to think about your favorite Brands and those of your colleagues, friends and family. Many will immediately come to mind: Starbucks, Coca-Cola, Disney, Ford, Google, Nike, Amazon, American Express, Tiffany’s, FedEx, and McDonald’s. These brands have invested in building an emotional connection with both you individually and society at large. They have embedded themselves in our daily lives. Brands pull you into their world and serve you the way you want to be served. They inspire you and build loyalty. So, trust what you know, but learn when to own them.