About Brandometry


Our executive leadership team includes experts in the world of brands, financial technology, as well as thought leaders in the investment industry.

Larry A. Medin

Larry A. Medin serves as Brandometry’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer. He has over 40 years of experience in the financial services industry and is recognized as one of the industry leaders in strategic planning, product development and sales management through his senior executive roles with companies including Toroso Investments, Avatar Associates, Bank of America, MetLife-State Street Investment Services, Inc. and Fortis Financial Group. Larry was instrumental to the development and creation of the rules-based formula used in the BrandTransact 50® index.

Larry also serves as a member of Brandometry's Index Committee.

Susan Avarde

Susan Avarde serves as Brandometry’s Co-Founder and Chief Strategist. She has been a long-standing advocate for “Brand” as a value driver and brings 20+ yrs. of experience serving 30+ companies headquartered in 20+ countries. As the former Head of Global Brand for Citigroup, she oversaw Brand in 100+ countries. Avarde speaks at various forums on the concept of being “future-fit” and getting ahead of opportunities presented by megatrends. These forums include: Executive Marketing Summit at the NYSE, Economist Conference, Marketing Science Institute (MSI) and “Power Shift 2016” led by Oxford University SAID Business School. Proud to have been invited to the White House twice, Avarde is also a Forbes Women and Fortune MPW participant and was recently honored by the Women’s Venture Fund for her innovative marketing targeting the “Double X Economy”. Avarde serves on various advisory boards in U.S.A., Canada and U.K. for venture capital and service firms leveraging A.I., media-tech, marketing analytics and brand econometrics to drive growth.

Tony Wenzel

Tony Wenzel serves as Brandometry’s Co-Founder and President. He brings 20+ years of experience as a business leader and a track record of success in fast-growing technology firms in: analytics, ecommerce, IOT, video media systems, and brand econometrics. Wenzel led industry sales for 10 years as a player-coach producer, generating a 90X increase in company sales in 10 years, while developing channels with AT&T and Bloomberg, and closing multiple eight-figure SAAS deals. Wenzel has founded two companies emphasizing the power of Brand as an intangible asset and source of value. Wenzel holds an MBA with emphasis in Finance.

Index Committee

In addition to Larry Medin, the following indivdiuals from the fields of marketing and finance make up Brandometry's Index Committee.

James Gregory

James Gregory is the chairman of Tenet Partners, and a leading expert on brand. He is credited with developing strategies for measuring the power of brands and their impact on a corporation’s financial performance. Most notable of the tools that Jim has developed is the Tenet CoreBrand Index®. Jim is a frequent speaker on the topic of the financial benefits of communications and Brand management. Jim is also a founding member of the Marketing Accountability Standards Advisory Council (MASAC) and is a member of the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB), where he is the co-chair of the Improving Financial Reporting Committee. Jim has written five books on creating value with brands: Marketing Corporate Image, Leveraging the Corporate Brand, Branding Across Borders, and The Best of Branding. His latest book is entitled Powerhouse – The Secrets of Corporate Branding.

Michael J. Venuto

Michael Venuto is Managing Director of Tidal Growth Consultants and Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Toroso Investments, LLC. Previously, he was Head of Investments at Global X Funds where he provided portfolio optimization services to institutional clients. Before that, he was SVP at Horizon Kinetics where he was instrumental in the establishment of multiple strategic investments and partnerships related to ETFs, Exchanges and Indexation. Most recently he is behind the launch of the Toroso ETF Industry Index, which measures and monitors the performance of publicly traded companies that derive revenue from the Exchange Traded Funds ecosystem. In 2014, Michael was chosen as one the ETF.COM All Stars for his research and is often quoted as an ETF expert in publications such as Reuters and Barron’s.

Phil Bak

Phil Bak is CEO of ACSI Funds & Exponential ETFs. He is widely regarded as an expert in the management, development and trading of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Prior to joining ACSI, Mr. Bak was a Managing Director at the NYSE where he initiated market structure enhancements and worked with asset managers, regulators and liquidity providers to ensure a fair and orderly secondary market for ETFs. Mr. Bak drove the growth of the NYSE ETF listing business to 90% market share by AUM and over $2 Trillion in total assets for NYSE listed ETFs. Previously, he was Senior Product Manager for Guggenheim Investments where he developed alternative mutual funds and was the author of two patents on new and innovative ETF structures. Mr. Bak has a B.S. in Business Finance from Yeshiva University and is a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA).